The “M&A Process” Creating Value By Design

Mergers Acquisition Process - M&A Law Firm

The M&A Process includes:

  1. Selecting the right transaction analyst;
  2. Managing the preparation of seller diligence to properly prepare the business for sale;
  3. Assisting in making sure the data room is fully populated with information buyers will request;
  4. Nationwide search for appropriate investment banker with specific industry and business experience;
  5. Guiding the client through the interview process to select the right investment banker;
  6. Working with the investment banker to compile the marketing material and undertake the marketing process;
  7. Vetting and approving indications of interest and letters of intent based on a specific template that requires all key deal terms to be addressed;
  8. Leading the tax and financial planning (in concert with client’s CPA) to structure the transaction in the most effective manner;
  9. Negotiating final deal points;
  10. Preparing, reviewing, analyzing and modifying, as appropriate, all transaction documents; and
  11. Guiding the business owner to a successful closing.