The Risk Alert!!! The One Off Buyer - M & A Law Firm

A successful business owner will oftentimes get phone calls from parties who are interested in acquiring their business. If the business is large enough (over $5M EBITDA) these calls will be fairly frequent and include a large number ...

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Larry – Much More than Meets the Eye

Mergers and Acquisitions More than Meets the Eye - M&A Law Firm

Are you 85 years old and have 77 marathons under your belt?  You guessed it.  Larry is 85 and has run 77 marathons all around the world in addition to a number of triathlons.  I met Larry as a locker “neighbor” at the gym.  He was a nice, very unassuming guy and, like the rest of us, just trying to gear up for another day at the gym.

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